Regional Weather

Regional Weather Summary

Station Name Time Pressure
Current Temp Max Temp Min Temp Dew Point Humidity Wind Speed Avg Wind Dir Wind Max
Last Hr
Gust Max
Relay, Maryland01:28:3030.25  48.9 °F 51.8 °F48.9 °F42.6 °F79 %11.9mphNE20.8mph21.3mph0.00 in.
Halethorpe, Maryland01:28:3430.27  50.4 °F 53.4 °F50.2 °F42.6 °F75 %3.5mphNE20.8mph22.0mph0.00 in.
Bel Air, Maryland01:28:3530.29  46.4 °F 48.7 °F46.4 °F39.9 °F78 %6.2mphEast16.2mph16.2mph0.00 in.
Perry Hall, Maryland01:28:3230.23  48.4 °F 51.1 °F48.4 °F41.4 °F77 %5.0mphNorth19.6mph19.1mph0.00 in.
College Park, Maryland01:28:3330.23  59.9 °F 61.3 °F59.9 °F54.7 °F83 %5.0mphSouth10.4mph11.6mph0.00 in.

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