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Relay Maryland Weather on the Internet

Relay, Md. on Weather Underground KMDRELAY1
Relay, Md on CWOP CW3783
NOAA Cooperative Institute U. of Utah CW3783
AnythingWeather-Relay, MD CW3783
RelayWeatherCam on Wunderground
Mid-Atlantic Weather Network
Awekas Network
PWS Weather Network
Relay, Maryland Weather Clientraw Data

National Weather Service Links

National Weather Service - Sterling
National Hurricane Center
Aviation Weather Center
National Storm Prediction Center
Ocean Prediction Center
Space Environment Center
Environmental Modeling Center
Hydrometeorological Center
Climate Prediction Center
Drought Prediction Center
Model Analysis and Forecasts
National Climatic Data Center
National Satellite Center
Current National Weather Warnings

Maryland Historical Weather Links

Monthly Snowfall 1883-Current
Monthly Precipitation 1871-Current
Monthly Temperature Average 1871-Current
Historic Maryland Severe Weather Events
Maryland Winter Weather
Maryland Historical Winter Events

Nearby Local Weather Stations

Halethorpe, MD - Halethorpe Weather Watch (3/4 mile)

Weather Education

Glossary of Meteorology
Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 1
Web Weather for Kids
NOAA Education Resources
NWS Weather Website for Kids

Weather Station Info

La Crosse Technology
Davis Instruments
Oregon Scientific

Weather Website PHP Scripts and Graphics

Hebrides-Weather Graphics
Graphics by Anole Computer Services
Carterlake Scripts Scripts
Long Beach Weather Scripts Scripts Scripts
Wildwood Scripts